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Criminal Law

We accept cases in the Western provinces for serious criminal cases where a positive result is desired. We accept retainers for impaired driving offences, homicides, home invasions, arsons, fraud, assaults, manslaughter and drugs offences. We obtain all available evidence in relation to the alleged offences and the investigation surrounding it, and where appropriate, file Charter of Rights applications to exclude evidence or to stay the proceedings.

We advise our Aboriginal clients on the availability of Gladue and Ipeelee reports and the best way to proceed with Criminal Code section 718.2 sentencings.

We conduct bail hearings, bail appeals, trials for criminal code, drug and traffic offences, sentencing hearings and conviction and sentence appeals.

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Through the passage of Bill C-75, starting on September 19, 2019, Parliament made over 300 amendments to the Criminal Code making for wide and serious changes, almost exclusively with the result of making it easier and less expensive for the prosecution to obtain convictions. For example, the availability of preliminary hearings have been abolished except for murder, armed robbery and in some the most serious of offences. The maximum penalty for summary proceedings where you do not have a right to have a jury to determine your guilt or innocence, the maximum jail penalty has been increased from six months to two years less a day. There are new laws governing domestic violence, and new offences. The amendments to reduce Indigenous incarceration promised by Justin Trudeau were not made, but instead the government passed laws for “Deferred Prosecution Agreements” for corporate corruption and fraud cases so that they can escape jail sentences. Overall, for the common person and for Indigenous people who are unfortunate enough to be charged with criminal offences, the need for a good criminal lawyer has now increased dramatically.

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We accept cases in the Western provinces for serious criminal cases where a positive result is desired.