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Choosing an Edmonton Area Criminal Lawyer

Criminal lawyers have varying skill sets, and varying degrees of experience and knowledge. Persons charged with criminal offences also range widely in their needs and expectations. The best scenario for both is to match the needs of the client with the skill set and attitude of the criminal lawyer.

I am most interested in representing persons charged with very serious offences, who do not want to leave stones unturned in examining defences. While I work very long hours, I purposely restrict my caseload to a number at the very low end of the scale for criminal lawyers, so that I have time to carefully review the evidence, make special requests for additional disclosure from the prosecution, to make written submissions to the prosecutor on certain points and issues, to draft Charter Applications when required and draft written arguments in appropriate cases. It is also important to take time to spend with my client, to review potential “game plans and strategies” in defending your unique set of charges, crown evidence available, and what evidence we may be able to call and present on your behalf.


I have a very broad-based background in criminal law and justice, in constitutional law, and have worked as a senior prosecutor in Alberta, handling a wide range of Criminal Code matters, drug offences and traffic matters, from rolling through a stop sign to second-degree murder and everything in between.

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I screen my cases for all types of defences, including technicalities. There are many defences of a technical nature, where the crown is required by law to prove certain elements of an offence in a certain way, and there are times that the prosecutor does not have that evidence available. It is important for the defence lawyer to be aware of all of these technicalities, as an objection may be required to be made to the court, and arguments presented. As a small example, the prosecutor may present a document to the judge for admission into evidence, and ask your lawyer whether he has any objection to the admission of the document. It is important for your lawyer to know whether the document is required to be certified or embossed with a court seal. If your lawyer simply consents to the admission of the document, then the document will be considered evidence against you when otherwise the Crown’s case may have failed.

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