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Charged with an Offence?

For many people being charged with an offence is a major life event. If you are like the majority of people, you’ve probably told your story to the people closest to you, and you’ve received a variety of pieces of advice.

This can all be bewildering, and cause you to go through agonizing circles in your mind from thinking whether you should plead “not guilty” and fight the charges, to whether you should enter an early guilty plea and put yourself at the mercy of the presiding judge. You may at times think that you should just tell the judge the truth and represent yourself, and at other times you may think of hiring a prominent criminal lawyer and contest the charges.

Resulting Criminal Record

Well this is normal. The reality is, if you’re like the majority of people, you have either no criminal record or an insignificant one, but you are now exposed to and in jeopardy of receiving serious sanctions against you which can affect the quality of your life for years to come. A criminal record can mean the difference between being offered the dream job you have worked so long for, or being turned down to travel with your loved one to an international vacation spot. A Conviction can also subject you to fines or even incarceration, terms of probation or orders of prohibition from driving a motor vehicle or from attending certain places or communicating with certain people.

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Advice Given to the Accused

There is likely some truth or merit in the various conflicting types of advice you may have been given by those who care about you. Most pieces of advice given by relatives and friends are likely well-meaning and well-intended.

The reality is that there are many situations where an early guilty plea pursuant to a well negotiated plea arrangement may be in your best interests, just as in many situations you may be best served by entering a plea of not guilty and fighting “tooth and nail” to have your charges dismissed. There are also many criminal law strategies between those two.

Lionel Chartrand

I suggest to you that you would be best served by being represented by an experienced criminal lawyer, who would meet with you to present a summary of the case, listen to your response to the evidence submitted to the Crown’s office, provide feedback to you and present you with different strategies, each with their “pros and cons” and work with you to decide on your best defence or course of action.

Lionel Chartrand understands the trauma and the sleepless nights you can go through when facing criminal or drug charges, and is here to work cooperatively with you to fight for the best outcome for you, and would be honoured to work with you in defending your charges.

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